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Water and Land

Rural Graffiti

The group of work Rural Graffiti is about the duality of the shapes and lines on the earth’s surface that are created by tectonic forces, water and wind as opposed to the lines and patterns drawn and carved by human intervention with agricultural machines.

Lakes and Land II  16''x 16'' x 1.5'' acrylic and collages on canvas

Lake and Land V.png

Lakes and Land V 12''x 12'' acrylic on canvas

1134. Lakes and Land XII.heic

Lakes and Land XII  12''x12'' acrylic and collages on collages on canvas

23-1128 $550

Lakes and Land VII  16''x 16'' acrylic and collages on canvas


Lakes and Land IX  12"x12" acrylic and collage on canvas


Lakes and Land XI  12''x 12'' acrylic and collages


Lakes and Land III 12''x 12'' acrylic and collages on canvas


Lakes and Land VI 12''x 12'' acrylic  and collages on canvas

2024-1131 $550

Lakes and Land VIII   16''x 16'' acrylic on canvas

Lake and Land XVI  16''x 16'' acrylic and birch panel

Lakes and Land I 16''x 32''  acrylic and birch panel  


Lakes and Land XIII 30''x 30''  acrylic on canvas 


Lake and Land XIV  30"x 24" acrylic and collage on canvas


Two Lakes and Fields  30"x 30" acrylic, collage on canvas

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