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Semi-abstract Painting


I like this words:

" A structure-less painting is, to me, a painting that does not matter. Structure mirrors your degree of responsibility toward the work. You can't just let it flow arond in pretty colours. It needs a kind of core."                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                                         by Per Kirkeby!

I use forms of the Nature, I take structures of the Nature - it is miraculous!

At the begin, I looked the earth’s forms with respect for the forces which created them millions of years ago and their evolution in our environment today. Then, I take inspiration from microscopic images  of sections of rocks and minerals. I try to make the viewer aware, that even in the smallest fractions of the earth’s material, one can find structures of similar geometric and organic shapes forming their own landscapes. It is a hidden world of emerging and submerging structures and shapes.

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